'Vigil' is a life size bronze fishing memorial created by Blaine Sculptor Bob McDermott who also created 'Dirty Dan Harris' featured in Fairhaven. Vigil is a tribute to Blaine's fishing heritage, and features those strong women awaiting the return of their loved ones at sea who helped build our community. The three generations represent the past, present, and future for themselves and for Blaine. It is dedicated to former mayor, Dieter Schugt and others who have watched over Blaine. This beautiful sculpture enhances our new boardwalk, is cast in bronze, and should last for centuries.

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The Pacific Arts Association began selling bricks, bluestones and bronzes to complement and help pay for the Vigil. We'd like to continue to offer interested people the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful project. In addition to sponsoring the Vigil project, the Pacific Arts Association also brings a series of high-quality concerts to Blaine each year. Several of these concerts take place during our annual Blaine Jazz Camp/Festival. This is our week-long event which brings 100 or more music students from all over the Northwest to Blaine to work and study with a nationally known, faculty of professional musicians. Please see our Jazz Festival link for more information about this wonderful event.

Any proceeds coming to the Pacific Arts Association from the sale of these bricks and bronzes will be used to continue the work of our non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization and are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS. Proceeds will enable us to provide much needed scholarship help to many students for our Jazz Camp/Festival as well as continue to bring quality entertainment to Blaine. Now...

Take your place in Blaine history or honor your loved ones by choosing one of the options below.

$100. Sidewalk brick 2 lines with up to 20 letter-spaces per line
$250. Sidewalk double brick 5 lines with up to 20 letter-spaces per line
$750. Sidewalk, 8 x 16 in. bluestone (excellent for logos)
$1000. Sidewalk, 12 x 16 in bluestone (really stands out)
$1500. Platform bronze, 5 x 12 in. sits vertically on platform stairs
$2000. Platform portrait bronze, 5 x 12 in. This wonderful plaque can have an engraved portrait of up to 2 people.
$5000. Bronze on sidewalk, 8 x 12 in. Excellent for logo/message in bronze. Engraved portrait possible on this one.

Or create a lasting and beautiful celebration of a loved one with one of these stunning plaques:

$15,000. Bronze portrait plaque 12 x 16 in. Engraved portrait possible
$20,000. Bronze portrait plaque 16 x 20 in. Relief portrait possible
$25,000. Bronze portrait plaque 16 x 24 in. Relief portrait possible

(Other sizes may be available upon request, just let us know what you want.)


Examples of most of the above can be seen by going to the Vigil site. (Harborview Plaza at H Street and Peace Portal Drive.)

For more information or help with ordering you may call Christy Lonquist at 360-220-5092 or email.